GB Grainger & others

 WE HAVE FOUND OUR GORDON BRYAN GRAINGER.  Here is his letter upon being found, which he said I could share with you all::  

Gordon Grainger
INX: Yes, it is I, Grainge, Gordon Brian Grainger Mariemont H.S. class of '62. 
So many times I've thought of you over the years. I've been everywhere, keeping a rather low profile (never gained fame or fortune), moving frequently. Then about 15 years ago I really tried to disappear. But for over 4 years I've been in Livermore, CA. Before that I was in Washington State for 14. 
The reunion? I passed through Mariemont in '07; route #50 through there was in the worst repair of any road I had traveled on east of Colorado. The old gray town may not be what she used to be. I don't know, I didn't stop.
 I'm still a musician. These days I'm calling myself Thellone, an unknown composing, performing and recording artist. I'm still singing, playing and writing songs. Well, what's your style of music, Grainge? Nick, I do American Western Coast Country, Music. 
I'm a sort of one-man band, with digital recording assist. I own 6 hours worth of my own music I'd be happy to run through for the benefit of everyone's boredom. No really though, I wouldn't care to impose my ego on anyone for that long. 
Now that you have me located - before I forget - write me at I haven't had an official job since '93. In WA I came into ownership of a feed store business, where I worked unofficially for 7 1/2 years before taking over the proprietorship for the last year and 1/2. I'm not retired; just escaped. For now I'm living on the money I got from the business. 
Been married twice, divorced once and left flat once. That one also stole our 4 children. I figure I might have up to 3 more somewhere scattered over the continent. 
That's just a brief glimpse of a life that may or may not interest anyone. However, I also have written my autobiography - incomplete - har, har. In there I don't hold back on anything that happened, and have included all I could remember of the gripping ups and downs of the life of a guy like me. I have it on CD at about 3.3MB. I have written another Big Book, as well as a shorter compilation of my poetry (lyrics) and some shorter things. 


GORDON WAS our longest lost classmate.  Now let's get going and find as much information as we can about other "missing" classmates and also any updated contact information for any of our classmates... especially email addresses.  Thanks


  Please check the "Missing Classmates" section and help us find our friends.


The following are the classmates for whom we have no Email address.  If you have the addresses of any of these guys, please let us know:  


Fred Asher 
John Boyles 
Don Breakiron 
Neil Brosee 
Lester Dietz 
Eddie James Garner 
Patty Hall 
Edna Kirby 

Charlene Paul (Debarthelmess) 
Carol Jean Stegemoller (Lee) 
Carol Tallman 
Irene White (Schafer) 
Clara Wiedman